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Chat with StarJuliette - Tarot Reading and Western Astrology in Akron online. 30- years of practice in Western Astrology. I have a classical education, in Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion. I am a published author, and have had my own TV and radio shows for many years. I founded the first international astrological research organization, and was the founding editor of several astrological magazines. I have had an astrological counseling practice since graduating from university. I have lived in and traveled to many, many countries since a small child. I am from a family with a long interest in the "other" world, as well as astrology, which I consider a science. I was first introduced to this world by my grandmother who used to do seances when I was a child. I held my own first seance in Scotland when I was young, after experiments at school in Switzerland. I have also lectured all over the world, - the first woman invited to speak in India to all men. Have also lectured and appeared on TV in many countries from Russia to Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, England, France, and more. i organized the first French International Astrological Conference in Paris. I love my work, love being able to speak with so many people, and to help people through the dark nights, and the sunny days. I consider myself to have been very lucky to have had the life I have had, with so many opportunities. My own struggles have given me the empathy so helpful to reach out to others with understanding. I use many approaches in my work. I have angels and guides with me, who may inspire and inform me in many ways. I use astrology primarily because it is the most comprehensive and detailed tool, and the most accurate when it comes to timing future events - such as , "when will I get a new job", or "what is happening the next six months?" I will always ask you for your birth day, month year, and time and place if you can get that as well. It is that information which makes you unique - not one else on this planet, ever, in the past, in the present, or in the future, has that same birth data as you. You are not the same as anyone else ever has been, or ever will be, ever. What else I use depends on each reading - what I think will give the best information for each person. I may work with cards, or runes, or other kinds of stones from all over the world. I am trained in dream interpretation. I am also a certified hypnotherapist. I may use guided imagery for you to bring up experiences from your depths. I work with auras, with colours. I love the magic of crystals, and jewels - their colours, their energies, and how they can soothe you, or energize, or clarify, or inspire. I use many healing approaches, from Shiatsu massage to tuning forks and other forms of music. I am a singer. I am clairvoyant, so if you can use voice on here, then I can hear what is happening within you. I do encourage you to use the video feed from your side when you can so we can see and hear each other. It's smoother and more complete, more intimate. I may use some numerology, and some nameology for further information. I am in tune with animals since early childhood and for some time I wrote a serious column on astrology and animals for a cat magazine. I also do charts for animals. I have found missing animals. I have also found missing objects, missing husbands, etc. :) For some time I wrote a serious column on astrology and animals for a cat magazine. I have also lectured on animals and astrology, way before most people were taking animals seriously. I take animals very, very seriously. I have connected sometimes with people's pets who have died. i predict - I can see what is coming in your life, and in world cycles as well. Usually people contact me about their love lives, family, marriage, children, education,work, life direction, hopes, dreams, life crises. My approach is to tell you what I see, and then to communicate with you to find the ways to work with coming events in ways which can help bring out the best for you as events evolve. I believe there are always choices, though they may not be immediately obvious - and we can look for those. It is important for you to know I really care about what you bring to me. I care about animals, I care about the trees and flowers. I care about those at war, about children all over the world, about lions and frogs and elephants in trouble. Because I care, I do what I can to try to improve the world in my own way. I was told when I was young that I had many angels and guides around me, because they know that I will pass on what they want me to share with others - and that is what I do. I care about you, and I hope you will feel that in our reading.

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